Ok, I know the names are a bit the 1950s’ (no offense guys), but you get my point. How do you see your life? Through rose tinted spectacles, or is there’s a permanent rain cloud over your head and good things never happen to you. It’s the old glass half full/half empty scenario.

Me? Well, I’m more optimist than doom-monger. I always try to see the positive in any situation and do my best to surround myself with like-minded people.

Life is way too short to constantly bemoan what you perceive to be negative ‘shit’ happening.

I’ve interviewed some truly inspirational people recently for my podcast Your London Legacy. Take for example Heidi Herkes who as a young woman with her whole life in front of her fell down a small flight of stairs.

She broke her neck and became paralyzed from the chest down. She has every right to be downbeat or even depressed but instead, she has such an amazing sunny disposition.

She considers herself ‘lucky to be alive’, never takes life too seriously, and realizes she still has so much protentional. Since her ‘ground zero’ she has taken control of her life and doing what she loves, by helping other women look and feel great.

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Heidi, the first thing you’ll notice is her incredible smile, that lights up the room.

It’s the same smile that led my best friend to nick-name my wife ‘Soli’, as she has such a sunny disposition.

More good than bad – if you choose to see it that way

Of course, I’m aware that bad things happen every day, but there is way more good in the world than bad (in my view). It depends where you get your world news from. What informs your opinion of others.

If you cut out the dire negative dirge that we have pushed on us every day and focus on the small day to day victories that you, your family and friends enjoy, then that itself is worth its weight in gold.

Last week I interviewed resident TV  psychologist  Dr. Audrey Tang (to be released in a few weeks), author of ‘’The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness’’.

In her book there was a quote that really stood out for me “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

It speaks to me in such a powerful way.

What’s gone is gone and we have no control over it.

We can surely learn from the past, but we can’t do much about it, so don’t leave stuff that has happened before take up too much space in your head.

Equally, tomorrow has yet to arrive and we have no clue what it will bring. Of course, we can plan for it, mitigate risk but the planning can only be done in the present. That means right now.

There is only now. So why do we all waste so much time being anxious about the future? Take whatever steps you need to achieve what you want, but not at the expense of today. Right now.

This very second is all there is.

Make your plans. Take your precautions (insurance on your property and health are good examples of future planning and keep me busy!).

But for heaven’s sake, don’t fall into the trap and say, ‘’if only I had this or that. Or I’ll do X, Y or Z when I have time/money/knowledge/ on an on’’.

There is never a better time to get on and do what you want to do. As the saying goes, ‘’ if we wait until we’re ready well be waiting for the rest of our life’’ and that would be a tragedy.

Enjoy today and every day.