Anyone who knows me understands that I am a really calm, easy-going placid sort of a guy. It takes an awful lot of provocation to get me really riled.

In fact, even when I’m riled, you probably wouldn’t notice it from my outward appearance. Like many blokes, we tend to keep our emotions in check, or under control.

I actually feel that in my case this is an excellent secret superpower, as some may mistake this calm persona for a potential lack of action or passion. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

There are not many things that really get me wound up, as I don’t think that getting all hot under the collar, or full of hate and retribution are helpful positive traits. Instead, I always try and keep a cool head.

However, there is one thing that really ‘’gets my goat’’ and that is an injustice.

I alluded to that quite strongly in last months edition of Ready Claim Fire, but it’s true.

A few weeks back I was approached by a client to help with his claim. He won’t mind me saying, that he is an elderly gentleman, who lives in a lovely home in Pinner along with his wife.

Several months prior to my involvement they had a leak from the shower in their bathroom into the dining room ceiling below. I won’t bore you with the insurance technicalities, but this should have been a straightforward claim.

The cause was a hairline crack in the silicone seal around the shower tray which no one could have seen without a huge magnifying glass whilst standing (naked) in the shower. Well not only is my client elderly but he is also due to major back surgery, so he was unlikely to get down on all fours to detect the fault.

Well, you probably guessed by Insurers declined his claim, on the basis, the damage was due to wear and tear over time. Let me just say, the house is pretty damn immaculate, and they are not the sort of couple to leave things unchecked.

Long story short.

I was called in by the client to assist and to see what I could do.

After putting forward our case, Insurers went from maintaining their stupid position to making an offer for the damaged dining room only, to eventually agreeing to virtually the whole claim. Let’s just say we came to a compromise which satisfied my client. The whole claim had dragged on for around 6 months and he just wanted it settled as it had caused so much distress.

Now for the icing on the cake. The insurers are specialists in the over 55yrs marketplace. You couldn’t make it up. Not only was their customer care appalling, but their technical claims knowledge just plain wrong.

So, yes, I do get ‘’blo%$”£y mad’’ at times but I save it for the right occasions and my anger is beautifully balanced by the joy and pleasure I get from seeing the relief on my clients face when justice is duly served. But why oh why do Insurers do this time and time again. I guess it’s so guys like me can help clients like my new friends in Pinner.

I hope you had a great summer, and if you ever need a calm head to chat through a claim, or would even like to meet up for a coffee and chat, well you know where I am and how to get in touch.

Keep calm and don’t let the buggers get you down.

P.S. Here’s the testimonial from the client:

“I had a flood from my tiled walk-in shower, causing much damage to both the bathroom and the ceiling of the room below.

My insurers took a very hard line when I made a claim saying it was not covered under my policy as it was “wear and tear and not an “event” etc.”

They used all the jargon to justify their rejection of my claim. On the advice of a friend, I sought help from a loss assessor. Easier said than done. They do exist but make their money from handling much larger claims than mine. Mine was between £5K – £10K (large to me).

After “interviewing” two small firms and rejecting both, I realized that there are also “cowboys” in the insurance world! It was made fairly clear to me that they were also doing me a “favour” in agreeing to handle my claim…although I was paying for the privilege. Then by chance, I found Steve Lazarus at “The Claims Desk“.

We met and chatted over the claim. He was very pleasant, courteous and immediately put me at ease.

Most importantly he gave me confidence, (without any BS) with his help, a satisfactory settlement was achievable. True to his word he started negotiations with my Insurers. It wasn’t easy, and Steve kept me involved every step of the way. After a week or so a deal was struck that I found very acceptable, given all the circumstances. I unhesitatingly recommend Steve and The Claims Desk, should you have the need for someone to look after YOUR interests.”