Property Damaged? Find Out What Everyone Should Know, Before Talking to Insurers or their Loss Adjuster, or Hiring a Loss Assessor or Signing Any Forms

If you have recently experienced damage to your home or business, you will quickly have discovered a few things:-

  • Insurers will have many questions for you, that you feel ill equipped to answer, after all you are not an expert on insurance law
  • Insurers will try and rush you into a settlement that you feel does not address all the damage you have sustained.
  • You find yourself dealing with lots of suppliers, appointed by Insurers all of whom have a vested interest in your claim
  • You may not need an independent Loss Assessor, but if you do, its hard to tell the difference between them from their advertising


In this FREE BOOK Steve Lazarus has written this book JUST FOR YOU, you will learn:-

  • 5 Myths and Truths you may have heard about Insurance claims
  • 6 Questions you need to be able to answer YES to before we can consider your claim
  • 5 Specific tactics Insurers frequently employ to make you ‘go away’
  • 10 Real life cases from our files to prove to you what can be achieved if you have the right support5 Deadly sins that can destroy your insurance claim PLUS a crucial and often overlooked ‘bonus sin’!
  • 6 Crucial definitions. Get these wrong and your chances of winning are severely impaired
  • Why we wrote this book for YOU in the first place
  • Why we have more time for YOU than anyone else
  • …..and MUCH MORE!

All this information is absolutely free, if you have suffered damage to your home or business property in the last 12 months.

Since you are likely to be bombarded with well intentioned advice from family, friends and neighbours, we created this book to empower you with the best and most critical information you will need to handle your property damage claim, in the most stress free way.


To access your most valuable source of advice for your accident claim, I just need your first name and email address. You will receive an email with your free download shortly after submitting your request.

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