Loss assessor v loss adjuster

Hi this is Steve Lazarus again.

One of the most frequently ask questions I get is, what is the difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor.

Clearly these terms are very similar but the role of a Loss Adjuster and Loss Assessor couldn’t be more opposite. Think of them as two sides of the same coin.

A Loss Adjuster is an insurance claims expert who is appointed by your insurance company to deal with an insurance claim on their behalf. The Loss Adjusters role is to act for the insurance company.

Typically the Loss Adjuster will be asked to meet with you to review your claim, and to advise your insurers if your claim is  covered under the policy and if so, how much is your claim worth, and how should your claim be settled.

There has been much debate over the years whether the Loss Adjuster is impartial and independent as indeed they should be. However, the Loss Adjusters fees are paid for by the Insurance company, and they report directly to them. You cannot ever see this report as it is confidential.

A Loss Assessor on the other hand, is also a claims expert, but his role is to act exclusively for you the client, the person making the claim. His role is ensure that you are properly and professionally represented when making your claim and to ensure as we say ‘you get every penny you deserve’

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