You are in the right place to get useful information about your insurance claim for damage to your property by water

Water is probably the most common cause of damage to property, and without doubt the single largest head of claim that is made against insurance companies. If you think about it, just about very property has a supply of water to it, for every purpose you can think of; from drinking water, toilet water, baths, showers, fish tanks, washing machines, dishwashers, industrial processes. The list goes on and on. Naturally we take it for granted that our plumbing systems (tanks, pipes, radiators etc.) are watertight as we go about our daily business, but ‘fixed water apparatus (is it known in the industry) are accidents waiting to happen. We have dealt with literally 1000’s of water damage over the years, and the effects of a leak can be devastating. I’m not talking about flooding from rivers or the sea (that is altogether another problem), I’m am talking about what you and I might call a leak, or a burst pipe. People often get all anxious about fires, as naturally a fire can have devastating consequences (and even lead to physical injury or fatalities), but damage caused by water can be more severe, and have longer lasting effects. Water will affect different building materials in unique ways, that need to be understood and professionally dealt with. Water will affect contents, stock and electrical items differently, and will need to be treated by professionals who know exactly what they are doing. You may know you have a leak (boiler pressure drops, or your water usage suddenly triples) but you have no idea where the leak is coming from. This may lead to a significant problem, where you need a specialist leak detection team or trace and access to find the source of the problem. We can help with every possible scenario.

Insurers don’t like water damage claims
– they invariably cost them more than they expect

Your insurers will want to know where the leak is, has it been repaired, how long was it going on for, what have you done about it. If you say the wrong thing even innocently, you may find insurers suddenly become less helpful and decline to deal with your claim leaving your high and dry (excuse the pun). Water damage is no joke, and we have seen a gradual increase in the policy excess (that’s the part of the claim that insurers won’t pay) as their losses from water damage have increased over the years. We see excesses from say £50 right up to several £000 (especially in block of flats) where leaks happen frequently and may cause extensive damage. You are in the right place, for access to everything you need to know about dealing with your water damage claim; experts who can locate the leak, dry the property and repair everything. You are in the right place to get the very best advice on how to reduce your stress, speed up the claim and legitimately maximize your settlement. If you would like to speak with us about your claim pick up the phone and call The Claims Desk on 0208 906 0098 or tell us your story and fill in the form below. We will make sure you get all the information you need to win your claim.