Storm damage claims are notoriously hard to settle with Insurers.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that your claim for storm damage was straight forward. Well, Im here to tell you that, storm claims are often some of the most contentious claims you can make.

So you think you’ve suffered damage to your property by storm conditions.

First off, most insurance companies don’t actually define what a storm in their policy wording. So straight away we have ambiguity. So how do you prove that the damage you have is directly related. Insurers have access to historic weather data that you do not. So they can check the weather conditions on the date you tell them the damage occurred.

They will want to know the wind speeds in your location at the time. Did winds gust up to and beyond 40 knot or is it miles per hour? Are they relying on the Beaufort wind scale? Where does it say? What is the layman’s definition of storm? High winds? Does there have to be rainfall? What about heavy snowfall?

But is this data accurate. The data is gathered by post code but typically takes no account of the topography and specific location of your property. In other words, is your property in an exposed position? Is it in elevated position? Is it in an area that can lead to a vortex?

Why won’t insurers pay my claim?

Insurers will also look at the condition of your property. Was your roof well maintained? Who determines this. Have you got easy access to your roof? Should you have known there was a problem with your roof tiles? Did you know insurers won’t pay for storm damage to fences? The list of variables is endless.

This is very complex area. But given the weather patterns we are experiencing in the UK today, we will see more and more claims made for storm damage, and insurers will no doubt do all they can to restrict their liability wherever they can.

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