If you have been the victim of a mindless burglary you need to talk to The Claims Desk

Over the many years we have been dealing with insurance claims, we have acted for hundreds and hundreds of clients, and we know first hand exactly what is like to have intruders in your home, going through your personal effects and stealing family heirlooms. It is heartbreaking and can be an extremely traumatic experience.

So when you get around to gathering your thoughts and notifying Insurers, it’s another stress you don’t need, when they start demanding all sorts of documentation and proof of ownership, and putting  you through the third degree.

When they tell you, your security arrangements dont comply with Insurers requirements, or that you are underinsured, or try to insisit you replace jewellery that belonged to deceased family members, you feel they are not treating you with respect.

There are a few things you can do if you want some help.

First off you can call us on 0208 906 0098 and we can chat your case through with you. Next you can complete one the contact us forms you see on this site. We want to hear your story.

We also have a great book we wrote just for you called ‘ The Five Deadly Sins that Can Destroy Your Insurance Claim’. Pop your details into the contact us form along with your address and we will post a copy out to you at once.

We also have several videos you can take a look at, and we recommend you watch ‘Is the Insurance Company on My Side‘.