Why Should I Hire A Loss Assessor?

Hi this is Steve Lazarus with another frequently asked question that we get.

We are often asked, ‘when should I contact a Loss Assessor or when should I hire a Loss Assessor’ after an incident?

Our answer is simple. As soon as you have had damage to your property whether by fire, theft, or flood, you should immediately call a reputable Loss Assessor who should be able to advise you further.

Some Loss Assessors will be happy to arrange a free meeting with you without obligation to review the particulars of your claim.

Other Loss Assessors will provide you with information so you can better educate yourself on the claims process. This information may be provided by way of CDs/DVDs videos such as you will find here on our website, and papers written especially for you.

So whilst you may not need to instruct a Loss Assessor straight away, it is certainly advisable that you speak to one to get tools and strategies and to start the information flow in your direction.

Like most things in life, the better informed and educated you are on a given topic, the better chance of success you will have.

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