Are you sharing your story?

Sometimes I think to myself what on earth can I write about this month, and just when I think I have nothing to say, I realize that can’t ever really be true.

In all our lives, each one of us has a story and amazing stories to tell. We may not always appreciate but I can assure you it’s true.

Why do you think Facebook is so popular?

Frankly, it’s for two key reasons. First, we love to tell stories about our lives, and second-most of us are pretty nosey and want to know what others are doing.

Now I know, some of you will be saying to yourself, ‘I can’t stand Facebook’, ‘I don’t use social media’, and that may be true for some.

But in 2019 there are over 2 billion users of Facebook alone, 1 billion Instagram users and 126 million Twitter users daily. So, a lot of people like to share stories.

We always have done, and some would say, that’s what separates our species from others. Our ability to tell stories to each other. How else would religion have survived without them?

Anyway, I digress.

My story this month is bittersweet. You see, my beautiful daughter Rosie concluded several weeks ago that she wanted to emigrate to Tel Aviv, and in a few days (Sept 9th) she will be off to start her new life.

Last weekend we had a leaving party for her at home, and all her work colleagues and family came together to wish her well. We knew she was well thought of, but the compliments and love that were shown her that day and since have blown us away.

She has clearly left her mark in such a positive way, and I cannot begin to imagine what life at home will be like without her around.

But that’s me being selfish I suppose.

Soli and I support her 100% and would never stand in the way of our kids wanting to improve their lives or try a new experience. But boy of boy, it’s going to be tough to part after nearly 26 years.

We will be flying out with her for a few days, just to settle her in and then its cheerio for now. So, I guess we will be relying heavily on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to keep in regular contact, so we can continue to share our stories with each other.

Whenever I meet a new client on a claim, we often end up having chats about not just the circumstances of the claim, but more personal stories.

That’s because normally, damage to a home or a business has an impact on an individual’s life and that is a story, full of emotion worry and stress, often concluded with a happy ending.

We all have a story…

In the podcast, I host (www.yourlondonlegacy.com) our mantra is ‘telling the timeless stories of London’s hidden personalities’, and I love diving deep into my guests’ story for the pleasure, entertainment, and education of our listeners.

You see we all have a story. Our daily lives are our stories. We just don’t always see or appreciate it always as we are too close to them.

By the time you read this, Rosie will be writing a new chapter in the storybook of her life. I just pray it’s a joyous one.

Best wishes,

Steve Lazarus