farewell 2018

How has 2018 been for you? What has it felt like? What have you achieved? Have you done all you wanted to do, or indeed any of it? Or has time simply slipped away too fast and Christmas come around too soon.

As I reflect on this past year, I am amazed as always at the pace of change around the world in general, and my own life circumstances.

Change is everywhere and cannot be repressed, whether we like it or not. Both within us (sometimes imperceptibly )and out in the world at large.

I was on the underground the other day, travelling home from an appointment in central London. As we approached Colindale Station, I was struck by the enormous building project that continues to grow apace, year on year, providing much-needed housing for our ever-expanding population.

I know this is out of necessity, but I felt sad, as the site used to be the old Peel Metropolitan Police Training, Centre, where I, along with hundreds of others in the Cub Scout movement met and proudly marched each year on Remembrance Sunday. We will always remember them, but life moves on.

We’ve had Royal Weddings. We’ve had Brexit. Well sort of. I’ve just heard that Dominic Raab has resigned, so more turbulent change ahead. Well what did they expect?

Our language continues to transform itself, with words of the year such as Vegan, Floss, Plogging, Gammon (not all what you may think). Go look them up.

2018: A year of transition, new adventures and helping more and more clients…

On a personal level, in 2018, I’ve had the good fortune to attend three weddings, for my niece, a cousin, and daughter of old friends. Each was joyous occasions leaving wonderful memories. These were tempered by two funerals. One the sudden death of my Dad’s close friend. The other, the tragic and untimely death of my oldest friend’s young son. Life can be so cruel.

My wife Soli took early retirement after 30 years in mainstream education, to build Yellow Sun, her special needs consultancy. As she immerses herself in her passion, she is changing the lives of those she comes into contact with. I’m so proud of her.

I started the year learning Transcendental Meditation (TM) which I love. TM is the tip of the iceberg and part of a huge ancient body of knowledge called Vedic Science. ‘Veda’ being Sanskrit for the word ‘knowledge’. They certainly knew a thing or two about what makes the universe tick.

Everything changes and nothing changes…

After over a year in the making, I finally launched my very own podcast. ‘Your London Legacy- telling the timeless stories of London’s hidden personalities’. This has become a real passion of mine, as it combines my love of London and Londoners, with my skill (so I am told) forgetting the best out of people in conversation. You can listen to ‘Your London’s Legacy’ here.

No doubt an aptitude learned from interviewing many thousands of people in the course of my day job, dealing with Insurance claims. The podcast is being downloaded by thousands all around the world and is giving me, my finally launched guests and listeners much pleasure.

Meanwhile, The Claims Desk has had its best-ever year, with more clients helped than ever before, with some excellent results against all the odds. We are always here for you when you suffer damage to your home of business. Just give us a call.

So, everything changes, and yet nothing changes. Christmas comes round once more, and before you know it, well be singing Auld Lang Syne.

With any luck, I’ll be in Thailand with Soli celebrating 30 years of wonderful marriage, as you read this. And so, as the festive season is upon us, I reflect how short life truly is, and how it changes whether we approve or not.

So, embrace change and be kind to one another.

Farewell 2018, you’ve been… (you decide)

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