Those of you who have followed me in this newsletter over the last few years, will know that I set up The Claims Desk 14 years ago as I was sick and tired of the corporate rat race, the awful service Insurers gave claimants in their hour of need, and their total lack of understanding and compassion shown when this is what the customer needed the most.

follow your passion

I wrote about this in more detail in The Ultimate Success Secret.

Many of you grabbed your copy of the book last month, and I’m pleased to say, you can still get your own copy here.

Main Reason I Setup The Claims Desk

The main reason I set up The Claims Desk, was to follow my passion and belief, that I could offer a much needed and superior service, but I could not have achieved this without the support of my wife Soli, who has been a rock and never doubted I could make The Claims Desk succeed.

So, I am excited and thrilled to announce, that with effect from mid-April, Soli has taken early retirement to focus all her energy on her new business Yellow Sun.

For some 30 years, Soli has taught in local mainstream state schools specialising in integrating children with severe learning, emotional, educational and physical disabilities, so they can access the curriculum.

Her full title was Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator or SENCO, which is a fancy way of saying, she just loves helping our special kids to get the very best out of their schooling.

She has touched the lives of so many special needs children and their families over the years, and changed so many lives for the better, but in recent times, has felt hamstrung by the continual bureaucratic changes, red tape and dogma that, like me before her, realized the time had come to spread her wings and go her own way.

Yellow Sun

Soli set up Yellow Sun around 18 months ago and has been working on it and growing it in her spare time, outside school hours. No longer will this be her ‘side hustle’ as she will now grow Yellow Sun full time. Yellow Sun provides tools, resources, strategies and support to parents of children with special needs- primarily Autism and ADHD.

She is a recognised expert in this area, has written a book, appeared on TV, runs online and offline support groups, gives talks and training to schools and charities, and offers one on one consultations with ongoing support. She has also created a very popular online course.

Soli is a bundle of joyous energy, which is why my oldest friend nicknamed her Soli (derived from the French word for sunshine), and she is just so excited to be able to concentrate100% on her passion.

As she supported me 14 years ago, so it’s my turn to support and help her, so she in turn can leave a legacy to many more families and special children.

If you or anyone you know would like to find out more about Yellow Sun, I know she would love to hear from you. You can learn more at where there are links to read her blog and download free resources. You can access her book ‘Five Reasons Why Most Schools Are Failing Your Child With Special Needs’ at www.mostschoolsfailsen.comOr say hello at

Until next month, follow your own passion.

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