I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each one of you, especially our customers, suppliers and referrers.

You are the heroes.

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You see, 14 years ago, I had a dream. Not quite on the scale of Martin Luther King, but a dream none the less. I’d be battling away within the confines of the corporate Loss Adjusting world, working on behalf of Insurers to settle property claims.

I was sick and tired…

After 14 years, I confess I was sick and tired of the lousy service Insurance companies gave their policyholders. I was hugely disappointed by the way (many) Insurers would simply weasel out of paying insurance claims, unless dragged kicking and screaming by the claimant who shouted the loudest.

And, I was heartily fed up with all the politics of corporate life and climbing the slippery management ladder, for the rug to be pulled from under my feet. All in all, I’d had enough.

As the late great Stephen Covey said in his wonderful book, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, I had ‘’my ladder up against the wrong wall’’

So, in 2004, I followed my dream…

I did the one thing I was most scared of doing…

The one thing, that changed my life and those of the many clients we have served since. I sacked my boss. I quit my job and the security of a regular paycheck to set up The Claims Desk. My overriding aim was to serve you our clients (and potential clients) and act as your guide, though the murky and turbulent waters of your insurance claim.

The truth is I’m quite an emotional person, and I knew when good people suffer damage to their home or business, by fire theft or flood, there is way more going on than just physical loss or damage.

There is fear and anxiety, tears, panic, and sometimes anger.  But Insurers don’t see this and to be brutally frank, little do they care. If they agree to pay your claim, it’s all about how much. Sorry, let me re- phrase that.

How little (they can get away with).

Of course, they will dispute that, but after 28 years, 1000’s of claims, and insider info, I have some real experience. It was this in the trench knowledge, coupled with expertise, shed loads of compassion and desire for a fair fight, that led me I set up The Claims Desk.

Thank you all…

I am thrilled that we have helped hundreds of clients like you over these last fourteen years, and that more and more are finding their way to us, looking for a guiding hand, some comforting words and some one to look out for them and their interests. Someone who cares.

I’m proud of what The Claims Desk has achieved in these last 14 years and all the kind words you say about us. You can see for yourself here.

None of us knows when disaster will strike, but rest assured, we are here for you.

Best wishes always.

steven lazarus

Steve Lazarus property claim

P.S. As a special thank you I want to give you a FREE copy of my second book The Ultimate Success Secret.

You can get your free copy at www.theclaimsdesk.co.uk/uss or by visiting this page.