The Claims Desk has a new website.

So what I hear you say?

Of course, you don’t care. I wouldn’t expect you to.

Just because I told you that I’ve given our website a spring clean, or a refurbishment if you like, why should you ‘bat an eyelid’. You’re more likely to roll your eyes and yawn!

But if I told you, that The Claims Desk has pretty much had the same website design for 14 years, and it was time to make your life so much easier, you may start to sit up a little?

Nah, I guess that doesn’t do it either.

 So why do I bother at all telling you?

Well, I guess it’s because I’m proud of what we’ve been doing at The Claims Desk for the past 14 years, and I want to tell the world.

I want to tell you that we’ve successfully dealt with 1000’s of claims over the years for home and business owners.

I want to tell you that we’ve recovered millions of £s for our clients since we first opened our doors.

I want to tell you, that we’ve battled with Insurers on your behalf time and again to get what we call ‘ every penny you deserve’.

But above all, I want to tell you that we are proud.

Proud to be the most trusted Insurance Loss Assessing firm in London, with a name and reputation that means something positive.

Proud that we have clients who turn to us time and again for the advice and a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes quite literally.

You see, when I set up The Claims Desk back in 2004, I knew deep in my heart, that helping clients in their time of need and distress, was actually way more important than the real financial recovery we could obtain for them.

Of course, suffering the trauma of a fire or a theft, or coming home to a flooded home is pretty damn unpleasant, and can leave emotional scars. Well, we are here to support you, just as much in overcoming your stress and anxiety as fighting for your financial entitlement.

So, I say it again.

I get it that you don’t care how our new look website shapes up, and I understand you couldn’t give a toss what our brand looks like. But rest assured, we will care deeply about you and your claim when the time comes, and you reach out to us for support.

In the meantime, why don’t you grab your fill of all the free helpful information we ’ve created for you. And yes you’ve guessed it, it can all be obtained right here on this very site.

Claim your free book or special report, or watch some helpful videos.

Forearmed is forewarned.

I know you may not care. But I bet its good to know we do.

Very best wishes!

Steve Lazarus property claim

Oh and speaking of something else new, if you’ve ever been let down by your insurer or feel you’ve been hard done by when making a claim – you’ll love my brand new community “Insurers Destroyed My Claim”