Introducing – Your London Legacy…

By the time this blog post goes live, I’ll have been dealing with property insurance claims for 28 years…

your London legacy

That’s a lot of claims. Thousands in fact.

I’ve handled hundreds of fires, floods, burst pipes and more thefts than you can shake a stick at (I’ve never really understood that phrase, but it seems to work.)

In the wonderful book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, he posited the idea that getting 10,000 hours of practice can lead to becoming world class in your chosen field. Now, of course, other factors will impact one’s ability to be considered world class, but 10,000 hours immersed in your chosen area can only be a good thing and lead to levels of expertise others simply won’t be able to match.

A full-time employee will work circa 2080 hrs. per year.

On that basis, I’ve worked 58,240 hours on insurance claims. I’ve no doubt the reality is probably far greater, as, over the years, I’ve worked well in excess of 40hrs per week, not to mention all the hours of study I’ve done.

Anyway, the point I’m leading up to is that although I don’t always think of myself as an expert (‘imposter syndrome’ kicking in) I guess I am, which is why The Claims Desk has achieved so much success over the years and worked for so many delighted customers.

In the June newsletter, I spoke about the need to change.

That change is good, and that we are constantly changing whether we can see it or not. The trick is that we should be the ones who choose how and what we become, and not be the victim of other peoples’ decisions. As with everything in life, we are the culmination of every decision that we have or haven’t made, for good or bad.

Around the time I was in the hospital last year for around 2 weeks, following two back operations, I spent many hours flat on my back, not allowed to move.

So, I took the opportunity to listen to many audio books, and developed a strong interest in podcasts, particularly, those that spoke to my strong interest in success, peak performance, entrepreneurship, and psychology.

At the time I didn’t think too much about it, but when I got back home, I found myself thinking about creating my own podcast. It’s not like I had loads of spare time. I didn’t. I was busier than ever and just taken someone on to help me manage our workload.

But, I knew this was something I had to investigate, at least. I got in touch with a brilliant chap called Mark Asquith, who is the British partner of John Lee Dumas, a hugely successful podcaster in the States, who I had been listening to whilst flat on my back.

I signed up to be mentored by Mark and we chewed some ideas around.

Initially, I wanted to do something around The Claims Desk.

However, I decided that Id spent 28 years of my life immersed in claims and that I should have a complete change, and do something fresh that excited me.

One of the things I’ve always loved about my job is that I get to go all over London and meet some amazing people.

From here we grew the idea, that my new podcast would let me do what I love, and that is meeting and interviewing fascinating Londoners, who have a direct connection with our amazing city.

And so, Your London Legacy was born.

I’ve been working on it for around a year now, and we are due to launch 2 July 2018. I’ve interviewed some truly incredible people so far and am having such a blast doing it.

There are so many moving parts to creating a professional podcast and being a bit of a technophobe its all a little scary. But I know the time is right for me to change and to do something new, exciting and challenging. That’s not to say, we won’t continue to handle claims.

Of course, we will, and if anything, we are growing year on year.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say, that having this totally diverse interest, helps me keep everything else I do balanced and in perspective.

  • I’m doing the podcast because I want to.
  • Because I need a fresh challenge.
  • Because I love learning new things.
  • Because I love to change.
  • Because time is precious, and I don’t want to regret not doing it.

Yes, I’m scared it will fail, and that I really am exposing myself publicly. Yes, I don’t think I’m very good at it – yet! But this is my new baby, and I’m going to give it a right good go. So, why don’t you take a listen to Your London Legacy and let me know what you think- good or bad?

I’d love to get your feedback, and you may even guest on the show one day soon! Who knows what tomorrow brings?

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Keep moving forward!

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